Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Where the heck did I used to find the time to update my blog so meticulously? I cannot find a spare minute in the day, these days.
I'm still living in Phnom Penh, working full-time for Phnom Penh Crown FC, Cambodia's most professional football club, of course. Recently back from a flying visit to Singapore where we lost an important cup match. Gutted, obviously. The new season is nearly upon us and we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and come out firing on all cylinders if we hope to recapture the glory of past years. In my 7 years at Crown, we have won the championship 3 times, there's no better feeling and its a high I want to experience again.
My most recent trip was to Myanmar with my brother Tim. We had a ball, just a few weeks ago, saw a lot of the top highlights in the country, Bagan and much more besides. The locals were lovely, its gotta be said, incredibly friendly, much like as you find in Cambodia, Laos and elsewhere in SEAsia.
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