Saturday, September 30, 2017

Blighty and the next step

4 Brouwers - Tim, Me, Paul & Marie, at Portland Bill
A great first trip back to England, or Blighty as I like to call it, after a 10-year absence. 4 weeks in Cheltenham with a bundle of trips around the country, doing fun stuff with my brother Tim. Thanks to him for the accommodation, on his sofa - my back is now killing me. On the plus side, we saw Steel Pulse live in London at 02, we went up to Leeds to watch United's first two league games of the new season (both goal-less draws), we saw the comedy genius that is Ian Cognito at the Glee Club in Birmingham, we squeezed in a game at Kidderminster Harriers and also took a 4-Brouwer trip to Portland Bill to relive our childhood memories. A great 4 weeks and thanks to everyone that joined in the fun. To be honest Cheltenham has hardly changed, just everyone I know has grey hair now, including me. Now back to reality and no job in Phnom Penh. However, light at the end of this tiny tunnel, is that I will be hooking back up with my old boss, Kulikar Sotho, to help her with researching a new documentary film she is planning, as well as supporting efforts to release The Last Reel to the public at last. More as that progresses.

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