Monday, June 20, 2016

Killing time

I've got a stack of stuff to write, especially on the injustices in football but we have a court case taking place so I can't actually say bugger all at the moment, even though I'm bursting to tell you the facts. Instead I'll have to sit on my thumbs and wait it out. I will spill the beans when the time comes. It will make your hair curl.


Etcheson on the KR

Khmer Rouge expert Dr. Craig Etcheson is giving a public lecture, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21 at 6:45pm. The topic is: "Has the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Taken Too Long?" The venue is Pannasastra University,South Campus, 184 Norodom Blvd. Phnom Penh (just south of Independence Monument and next door to Brown Coffee), Srey Dim Conference Hall. Admission is free. Be There!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Comedy club booking

The Comedy Club Cambodia will be back on Friday 24 June at Show Box (Street 330) with New York-based British comic Will Mars headlining, supported by Sam Thomas, Lune Dy and Steven Halcrow. $5, starts at 8.30pm.


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