Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Smell of Water launch

Thursday 10 December at 7pm and Meta House will be the venue for the launch of a new book, The Smell of Water - A Twelve-year-old's Soldier's Escape from the Khmer Rouge Army, written by Lang and Cornelia Srey. The book itself spans 10 days in the life of Lang Srey who was a youngster when he was drafted into the army and this is his story - another book launch from the good people at Monument Books. I popped into their shop on Norodom last week and picked up two important new books, Philip Coggan's Spirit Worlds - Cambodia, The Buddha and The Naga, which looks at all facets of religion in Cambodia. The second book I bought was Steven Boswell's King Norodom's Head - Phnom Penh Sights Beyond The Guidebooks, which David Chandler called; "Deft, witty and absorbing...totally accessible...masterfully written." Wish he'd said that about my book 

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