Monday, August 10, 2015

Facebook - friend or foe?

Facebook - friend or foe? It seems there's an open season, via facebook, by anyone with a grudge, and I seem to have developed a few football enemies recently. Individuals like Sopheaktra Phea and Sam Vandeth have been having a poke at me (the latter even exaggerated his poke by going on television and calling me out) and I am torn between defending my reputation or ignoring their puerile and baseless rants. To-date I've bitten my tongue and done the latter, but it's tiresome in the extreme to have these people poisoning my breathing space. One of their claims is that I look down on Khmer people, which is ridiculous in the extreme, as anyone who knows me, will agree. They have no idea that in the 1990s/2000s, my website on my travels around Cambodia was one of the first by a western traveller to bring the beauty and majesty of Cambodia and her lovely people to a western audience, and that I am the editor of a book, To Cambodia With Love, in which I express my sincere affection for the country and its inhabitants through its 240 pages. My intro for the books says it all:
'This is not a definitive guide to Cambodia. Far from it. It is about inspiration, discovery, sharing, and above all else, a love and a respect for a country that has changed my life forever, as I hope it will change yours.'
People like Sopheaktra Phea and Sam Vandeth have no idea what this country means to me. And they will never understand because they have their own agendas.

Footnote: There were more lies spouted on TV again today, on a second football program. The attacks are very personal and completely without foundation or merit. However I refuse to be drawn into a tit-for-tat public showdown.



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