Saturday, January 24, 2015

Having fun in Andong

Phearath gets his team stretching
Saturday afternoon was great fun as the Phnom Penh Crown Academy players and coaches went out to the relocation village of Andong, 20kms from Phnom Penh, to hold a mini-football festival with 220+ children, aged 6-13. The girls outnumbered the boys and they all had great fun kicking lumps out of each other as they moved, in a mass, across the small pitches we set up. The unbridled joy on their faces makes these community visits an enormous pleasure. And to see a tiny slip of a girl get knocked over but get back on her feet, dust herself down and sprint barefoot to catch up with the pack is what makes it so worthwhile.
Okay, everyone kick the ball at the same time
Sodavid's all-girl team

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