Saturday, December 6, 2014

Opening night success

In a suit for the first time for years, with the gorgeous Dy Saveth
The opening night of the Cambodia International Film Festival went off swimmingly well for The Last Reel, as the festival's opening film and universally loved by everyone there, as far as I could make out. There was standing room only in the 320-seat theatre and I had to sit on the carpet steps to watch! Being involved in the film's team doesn't guarantee a comfy seat at the premiere. Kulikar, the director, was given the Spirit of Asia award by the Japanese Ambassador afterwards, and a picture of me chatting to the Cambodian Culture Minister Ms Phoeurng Sackona, made it onto the Sabay news page (pics courtesy of Sabay). Finished the evening with a late-night meal with Lenna and her family. A great day.
Sabay captured the Culture Minister Ms Phoeurng Sackona chatting with some guy holding Dy Saveth's handbag

Kulikar receives her Spirit of Asia Award

A few of the cast from The Last Reel

Kulikar enjoying the moment and rightly so

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