Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All's well that ends well

At the 3rd screening Q&A, Dy Saveth, Ma Rynet, Kulikar Sotho
As expected, a full house and many people turned away at the final screening of The Last Reel at AEON Mall yesterday. All went very well except a lot of disappointed film-goers, but that was the circumstances of the festival and well beyond the control of anyone to do with the film. A party at The Mansion later on rounded off the festival for another year. Here are some pictures from yesterday's third and final screening at Major Cineplex. There was a brief Q&A with director Kulikar Sotho after the screening as well as interviews for the stars of the film, Ma Rynet and Dy Saveth.
The regal Dy Saveth

The belle of the festival, Ma Rynet

With Ma Rynet at the 2nd screening of TLR at Legend

The Last Reel team face the audience

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