Friday, November 21, 2014

Unearthing a Groslier treasure

Return to Clay, published by DatASIA
DatASIA have undertaken to unlock the secrets of the Khmer Empire and the roots of Southeast Asian culture by publishing long forgotten books, such as their latest publication, George Groslier's Return to Clay. The book blurb says the following: 'Charged with constructing a great bridge, Frenchman Claude Rollin travels to Cambodia with his wife Raymonde, who reluctantly sacrifices her high-society Parisian life. She adapts poorly, suffering from homesickness, fever and depression, colored by an innate fear of the local people. Claude, however, gradually embraces the natural beauty, values and purity of the gentle kingdom. Then he meets Kamlang, a native girl with whom he forges "a relationship unlike any he had ever imagined, or could imagine, while still bound by his Western values." His decisions result in anguish, betrayal, violence and-ultimately-epiphany.' The book is by George Groslier - one of the greatest witnesses of colonial Cambodia - and it won the 1929 Grand Prix de Littérature Coloniale for his tour de force novel, which DatASIA have translated into English for the first time, together with the complete original French text. My thanks to Kent Davis for the copy he handed me last night.

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