Friday, November 28, 2014

Lunch date

With the lovely Dy Saveth
A great lunchtime date with Dy Saveth and Ma Rynet to Sam Doo restaurant followed by an ice-cream treat at Swensens today. This followed a successful meeting with The Last Reel cast this morning ahead of next week's Cambodia International Film Festival - everyone is looking forward to the festival very much.The Last Reel will screen 3 times and another Hanuman-Kulikar Sotho film, Ruin, will also screen once. The festival will run 5-10 December. The film will also show in Singapore IFF on 7 December. A busy week ahead.
Ma Rynet and Dy Saveth, stars of The Last Reel, enjoy some Swensens-time

It wasn't the hardship I made it look!

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