Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feingold's Preah Vihear

Make a date on Friday 21 November from 7pm at Meta House, or Sunday 23 November from 6pm at Bophana Center on Street 200, to watch the 2014 documentary (51 mins) - Life and Death at Preah Vihear.  It's the latest offering from filmmaker David A Feingold, an anthropologist and award-winning documentary film director. His films include Terror in the Minefields for PBS, Inside the Khmer Rouge for BBC's Assignment, Washington/Peru: We Ain't Winning for Channel Four and PBS and Angkor: Temple Under Siege for National Geographic. He has investigated political, cultural and social issues in Southeast Asia for over three decades. Currently, he's investigating the trade in minority girls and women from Burma, Yunnan and Laos to Thailand. He's previously served as International Coordinator on HIV/AIDS and Trafficking for UNESCO and been a consultant to the Select Committee on Narcotics of the US Congress and United Nations. As co-founder of Ophidian Films, he's brought important issues in the contemporary world to a broad international audience. He's produced fifteen documentary features in Southeast Asia in the last decade with subjects ranging from exclusive portraits of Khmer Rouge guerrillas, the tragic impact of landmines and the fight for cultural survival in a classical dance school on the Thai-Cambodian border. His latest offering was filmed over a five-year period in both Cambodia and Thailand, as the two countries contest the mountaintop temple.

In March 2007, Documentary Educational Resources (DER), a non-profit organization founded in 1968 for the purpose of producing and distributing cross-cultural documentary films for educational use, released a series of films on Cambodia, by David A Feingold. They were Waiting For Cambodia (1988) and Silent Sentinels, Cowards War (1995), as well as, Return To Year Zero? (1989), K'Sai Chivit: Threads of Life (1994) and Inside The Khmer Rouge (1990). Each one of these films takes an intriguing look at a facet of life in Cambodia.

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