Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Catching up

The poster of The Last Reel
I spent time with the four main members of the cast of The Last Reel this week. There should be news very soon regarding the world premiere of the movie, which is Kulikar Sotho's directorial debut. In the meantime, it was catch-up time with Dy Saveth, probably Cambodia's best-known actress from the Golden Age of Khmer cinema, who managed to survive the Khmer Rouge purge of anyone in the public eye by living in France and Hong Kong, and who is still making movies today. In fact she's just been invited to play a major part in a new film to be shot in Thailand. Her language skills put me to shame, her English is almost flawless and her zest for life undiminished. She has over 100 film credits on her CV, acted in her first stage play just two years ago and isn't thinking of retiring any time soon. She's also passing on her skills to young actors with a Saturday morning master class each weekend at her home. I was impressed. Next up was the star of the film, Daneth, or Ma Rynet, to give her correct passport accreditation. Currently starring in a local TV series called Smart Girls, Daneth plays Dy Saveth's daughter Sophoun and is a revelation in the film, and will undoubtedly go onto enjoy a bright future. Sok Sothun, who plays the projectionist in the movie, actually graduated as a film director himself in Russia in the 90s and is a regular face in Khmer television and film. The same can be said for Hun Sophy, the army father of Daneth, who told me he's sporting an eye patch in his latest role in the movie, Before the Fall, which he's shooting at the moment. He can also be seen by western audiences in the Clash of the Empires and Holly, as well as a host of local productions. More on The Last Reel as I get it.

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