Saturday, September 20, 2014

Building the future

The main grandstand of the future RSN Stadium
Phnom Penh Crown's president Rithy Samnang has invested a ton of money on the team and facilities over the last few years. It's been a key reason behind why the club has done so well, as it's attracted the best coaches and players to the club. He's continuing the theme by building the club's very own stadium, the RSN Stadium, and the first phase should be completed by the start of 2015. It will include a main grandstand that will seat thousands of spectators in comfort and the complex will include a VIP area, club offices, dressing rooms, medical station, a gym and press facilities as well as accommodation for the club's young academy players. Entertaining our own supporters at the RSN Stadium is crucial to defining our own identity as a club. Up until now all matches have been played at the Olympic Stadium, and a few at the Army Stadium. To take Cambodian football to the next stage of its development, we need teams to have their own grounds. But it will cost upwards of $1million to build suitable infrastructure for the fans and a playing surface that will be the envy of every club in the land. We are expecting the first phase, the grandstand and pitch, to be ready for January, though at the moment its more of a building site than the impressive final result you can see in these artists impressions. Watch this space.
Another view of the main grandstand

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