Saturday, July 26, 2014

Into the sticks

Adorable kids in Kompong Speu
Trips out into the Cambodian countryside should be top of everyone's list. The Khmers are so welcoming and are one of the main reasons I decided to up sticks and come to live here all those years ago. This picture is from September 2010 and I'm taking a well-earned breather with a few of my dancing partners including Srey Keo, Longny and Srey Phen (all sitting), in the village of Khlaeng Poar Tboung in Kompong Speu, where I went with the Cambodian Space Project for a village party. In the photo below, I'm at Tonle Bati and was the only visitor, so the flower girls dogged my every move. Channa in pink was adorable and her English was far too good to be selling flowers, she should be translating business documents for a multinational company! Get out into the countryside now, you will be rewarded with great memories and will encounter lovely people.
More adorable flower sellers at Tonle Bati



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