Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beam her up

Savy, in a still from Zero G
It's coming very soon. What? The new video single by Savy, of course. Cambodian babe Savy Som caused a storm with her catchy singalong debut single, About A Boy earlier this year and she's been quick to follow it up with Zero G, which will be out in a matter of days. Think of Barbarella and Star Trek and you are on the right track. Her Sci Fi-inspired new single, much of which was shot precisely where a slew of Star Trek episodes and scenes from the movies were filmed, looks set to continue Savy's rise in the pop world. Clad in a black catsuit and running around Vasquez Rocks (near Los Angeles) in the midday sun was a tough ask, but she manages it particularly well. But I will say no more about Zero G until its released. In the meantime, enjoy About A Boy again.

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