Friday, June 6, 2014

The red carpet awaits

Ros Mony (cap) and Sang Malen - off to Australia and the red carpet at Sydney Film Festival
Okay, they have their visas at last, and Ros Mony (with cap) and Sang Malen will be off to Australia on Sunday, to feature on the red carpet, as the two stars of the gritty movie, RUIN, which won awards at the Venice Film Festival last year and which will have its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival next week. We had to jump through numerous hoops to get their visas, even though its the Australians themselves who invited them to appear in front of the mass ranks of the movie media at the festival. Maybe no-one told the embassy here to make the process go smoothly! Both Mony and Malen have been through the craziness of festivals before, last year in Venice, so it should be a piece of cake. Mony has had to postpone other acting work to make this trip and will later this year be seen in The Last Reel, when that's released, while Malen is so struck with movies now, she's in the first year of a film studies course at the royal university. Nice kids and I hope they have a fabulous time in Sydney.

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