Monday, May 5, 2014

The Years of Zero

Author Seng Ty's memoir, The Years of Zero - Coming of Age Under the Khmer Rouge, was recently published. It follows the author from the age of seven as he is plucked from his comfortable, middle-class home and forced to endure the death of his mother, while his siblings succumbed to starvation. His oldest brother was brought back from France and tortured in the secret prison of Tuol Sleng. His family’s only survivor, he was forced to fend for himself, determined to survive so he could bear witness to what happened in the camp. Later he was adopted by an American family and is now an educator in Lowell. He has shared his story through 
the Phil Donahue Show, many major newspapers and the CBS 60 Minutes tv programme. The book is available in paperback (240 pages) and as an ebook. Find out more @

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