Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fun with Visas

Mony and Malen in a scene from Ruin
Sat down with actors Ros Mony and Sang Malen to run through their visa applications this morning, as they are hoping to go to Australia next month to attend the Sydney Film Festival. Virtually plucked off the street to play the two main leads in the movie Ruin, the film has won awards at festivals around the globe, especially at Venice, and is being shown for the first time in the home of the filmmakers, Australia. Exciting times for all concerned, especially the two actors, though Mony is working flat out on various films as we speak, and will also be seen in The Last Reel, when it's released later this year. Malen is a film studies student but is also a circus performer and Ruin was her first acting role. Fingers crossed the visas come through in time.

Talking of visas, I'm expecting my Chinese visa to arrive any minute, as I'm scheduled to fly to Guangzhou, in southern Chinaland, this coming Friday. I'll be with the Phnom Penh Crown Academy team, 18-players and 3 coaches, and me, as we begin the Asia U-16 Champions Trophy competition on Saturday. The boys will play at the 58,000-seat capacity Tianhe Stadium, if we're lucky, at 4pm on Saturday against Guangdong FA, the team representing the whole province of the same name, the most populous region of China, with 105 million inhabitants. Blinkin heck. The game will be live on local television and we get back to Phnom Penh early Monday morning. I've never been to China, and though Guangzhou isn't top of anyone's sightseeing list, it will be fascinating to see how they approach their football in comparison to tiny Cambodia (total population 14 million) and us at Crown. Guangzhou is also home to Chinese Super League club Evergrande, the most monied club in Asia and they play their home matches at Tianhe. It promises to be an eye-opener in more ways than one.

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