Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Anyone who thought there was a government-induced ban on splashing water and powder on people at Khmer New Year should think again. Not only along the road to Ek Phnom just outside Battambang (I still have an imprint from the plastic bag water-bomb that hit me smack in the middle of my forehead) but on Highway 6, the water and powder funsters were at it, throwing bags of water at fast-moving vehicles and motorbike riders that is, in my opinion, an accident waiting to happen. I'm all for a bit of fun but when it puts lives in danger then it's no longer a joking matter. The water-bombers here have gone crazy this year with small plastic bags filled with water or pond water (or whatever they can fill them with), some of which have ice-cubes inside, and which are thrown with as much venom as possible at passing cyclists, moto-drivers, tuk-tuk passengers, etc, from close range. I watched police standing idly by (which is a talent they have in great quantities) while this mayhem was talking place on small country roads as well as the National Highway. Soaking your friends is one thing, throwing missiles at passing road users is another one entirely. And the litter problem directly stemming from these plastic bags is yet another horrible stain on the Cambodian countryside. Actions have consequences.



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