Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tears for Cambodia

As part of his career in the Army, author Ed Mooney spent a year in Cambodia. His recently published historical novel, Tears for Cambodia, sees an American officer revisiting Cambodia to seek relief from lifelong nightmares, and to face the ghosts of savage combat experiences while assigned to an elite American logistics team whose mission was to assist the pro-American Cambodian regime in the early 1970s. Tears for Cambodia is a sympathetic portrait of an officer helplessly following orders, even though he knows they will result in tragedy. Max’s pain and the courage with which he faces his demons are compelling, and readers will be rooting for Max and his redemption. This is the first novel for Mooney, who drew upon his personal experience in Cambodia as well as the experiences of a number of other men. Max is created from a composite of these recollections, creating a fascinating first-hand view of a tour in 1970s Cambodia. Published by Dog Ear Publishing, 292 pages. The author's own website is at
A study by Nicholas Tarling in Britain and Sihanouk's Cambodia, is set for publication by NUS Press later this year. Over 400 pages, it will delve into the diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Britain at the height of the Cold War, revealing much about British foreign policy at that time and Sihanouk's efforts to sustain Cambodia's integrity vis-a-vis its more powerful neighbours.

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