Wednesday, April 16, 2014


LtoR: Theara, Boromey, Holly, me, Chakrya, Sak
Great to see my old friend Sak and his lovely family whilst I was in Battambang. Rumnea and I were invited to their home on two consecutive nights for dinner and it was great to catch up after a few years of not seeing each other. Though trying to get a word in edgeways once Theara and Rumnea got started, was a tough act. Both of Sak's elder daughters, Boromey and Chakrya, are studying in Phnom Penh but were home for the New Year holidays, whilst the youngest, Holly, is still studying at primary school. His son, Chamnap was stuck in Phnom Penh. I last recall visiting their home back in 2007. Way too long ago.
2007 edition: LtoR (back row); Theara and Sak; (front row) Chamnap, Holly, Boromey and Chakrya

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