Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In high demand

Mary Neth looking gorgeously vampish in this latest publicity photo

Never one to shy away from attractive ladies on my blog, here's a couple of pictures of the actress who will play the leading role in the forthcoming feature film, The Last Reel. Now if you ask me her name, I can give you at least four replies - Ma Ranet, Mary Neth, Ma Rynet or Daneth - I have yet to work out which is the right/real one. Her performance in The Last Reel will blow your socks off when the film gets its release later this year. She's also just landed a main role in Smart Girls, a first-ever Cambodian TV detective series, twice-weekly peaktime broadcasts due in July or August on CTN, one of Cambodia's top rated channels. An actress in high demand.
Mary Neth (in red) alongside her co-star in The Last Reel, Khmer icon Dy Saveth

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