Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Battambang beckons

Normally I stay home and relax during Khmer New Year, as Phnom Penh turns into a ghost town for a few days. This years KNY is effectively 5-days worth with a weekend preceding the three official days of 14-16 April. So I've decided to make the most of it and to take myself off to Battambang for a few days R&R and will be resting my head at one of the city's top spots, the Bambu Hotel. It will be great to meet up with Sak and his family again and revisit some of the city's best known sights, even though I've seen them a dozen times before. Battambang has always been one of my favoured destinations in the country and I'm looking forward to it. If you've not seen the Bambu Hotel before, watch this video.

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