Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quick-witted banter

Dave Johns was on top form at CodeRED
Dave Johns' quick-witted banter went down really well with me at the CodeRED debut of the Cambodia Comedy Club at their new home Tuesday night. A Geordie by birth, he was just the ticket, generating belly laughs from many. I loved him. He involved the audience in his act and pitched it just right, breaking into song at regular intervals. A veteran at stand-up, he knew how to work the punters and did it brilliantly. The Buffalo Sisters in the front row will remember this gig for a long while. One of the best acts we've seen. He could've easily done another half hour. His teammate on their Asian tour is Johnny Candon, billed as one of Ireland's finest, who didn't quite reach the heights of his travel partner. His material was okay, though his set seemed to finish all too quickly after one of the audience flounced out in feigned outrage. Dave Johns was definitely a hard act to follow tonight. Sometimes it happens like that. 
Johnny Candon found it a bit more tough going in Phnom Penh

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