Saturday, February 15, 2014


The Chamroeun sisters on stage, in black & white
Watched and listened to Krom at The Doors tonight, as they played one of their fairly rare live gigs. They confirmed the great news that they will be on a European tour later this year with the UK included. The Chamroeun sisters were soulful and exotic as ever, making me think of a siren of the sea drawing you into a watery grave with their bewitching voices - ok, just me then! Seriously their voices take you to another world. I also love the combination of guitar finger plucking, saxophone and accordion. It just sounds right. Listen out for the song Passion - I love it. Great stuff, which should attract a much larger audience than it does. And those that do come, would be better served to keep their voices a little lower when the band is on. It distracts me, so goodness knows what it does to the band. Always a pleasure to see Krom on stage.



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