Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting shirty

Facebook friend - not
Had to mention an episode on facebook which made me grimace. The guy in charge of the Boeung Ket v NagaCorp match on Saturday was Thong Chankethya, regarded by FFC officials as the best referee in the country and on the FIFA list, which is why he got the big game. His handling of the match, with half a dozen yellow cards, was okay(ish) though some theatrics by a few of the players should've been punished in my view. An incident of note took place in the 2nd half when he was brandishing a yellow card for an infraction and speaking to the player whilst making a note. At the same time, the team took the free-kick behind his back and moved the ball on at least ten yards before he turned around and carried on as if nothing had happened. I found it very surprising and worrying at the same time. He had not completed the cautioning process, he had not blown his whistle to restart play and yet allowed play to carry on regardless. I made this point in a Facebook post and the man in black responded. I responded again and so did he. This is a FIFA referee afterall, someone at the top of his profession. I'll let you be the judge. Obviously criticism is something he's not used to.

Me: The referee in question allowed an incident in the game which I've never seen before. He let play continue behind his back whilst he was booking a player and then turned around and carried on. I've never seen anything like it even in schoolboy football. The assessor will have a field day.
Ketya Ref: Andy Brouwer: You should read law of the game. You are not assessor....you are just a fucking crazy fan of football..
Me: Nice language by the way. I have read the laws. And I've been watching senior football for over 40+ years and never seen an interpretation of the laws like that. Fans are the bread and butter of football, you should not be so quick to abuse them.
Ketya Ref: I want to tell all fan of foot ball : the all i said not for the real fan of foot ball . Just only one person , He is is Andy Brouwer ...

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