Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tara and Sak

This is Sak at Wat Samdech Mony in Battambang
I wanted to highlight an article written by researched Tara Tran in the middle of last year, when she took a trip to Battambang with a very good friend of mine, Sak, to visit different Khmer Rouge genocide memorial sites in the province. I had a long chat with Tara when she arrived in Cambodia at the start of her mission and felt her articles worth highlighting for others to read. Visit her blog at
These are a couple of lines she wrote about Sak, who will be on camera when the new documentary film, Camp 32, is released later this year:
Sanvasak, or Sak as he goes by, was referred to me by Andy Brouwer. Some years back while in Battambang, Andy found a good friend in Sak, not to mention someone who was well grounded in the local history. After spending a Battambang day with Sak, I not only affirmed Andy’s opinion but concluded that Sak is possessed with something that is rebellious for Cambodia. He is a preservationist.

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