Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Filming The Gate

A scene from The Gate starring Raphaël Personnaz
According to reports, French film actor Raphaël Personnaz is currently in Cambodia, playing the main lead of Francois Bizot in the Régis Wargnier directed film of The Gate. Also starring Olivier Gourmet and the wonderful French screen goddess Catherine Deneuve, the film is an adaptation of the book by Bizot where he recounts his journey, including his detention in 1971 by the revolutionary Khmer Rouge. Chained, he spent three months in a camp where every day he was questioned by none other than Comrade Duch, who later took over as commandant of S-21 and was responsible for the death and torture of thousands. He is now serving life for crimes against humanity. Bizot was released and lived to tell the tale.

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