Friday, December 13, 2013

Treasured memories

A fisherman's boat at Portland Bill - click to enlarge
One of the few things I miss about England is my occasional visit to Portland Bill, a windswept corner of the Dorset coastline, pounded by the waves of the English Channel and dominated by the red and white lighthouse. As a young boy, our family went en masse to stay in a rickety old shack that belonged to a distant aunt for a long weekend during the school holidays and whilst I've forgotten much of my childhood, I remember those times as treasured memories. I even went out in one of the fishermen's boats, lowered into the sea by the crane in this photo. Clambering over the rocks at the foot of the lighthouse was something I could do for hours on end. I revisited Portland Bill later in life a few times and it was as if nothing had changed. Time stood still. The shacks were still there, the lighthouse was as imposing as ever and the memories washed over me like the waves pounding the rocks.



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