Sunday, December 15, 2013

Noeut in the spotlight

Goal machine Suon Noeut doing his after-match duties
I know this is not my football blog but occasionally an incident of note is worth a quick post. One of the noteworthy occasions took place today when the Phnom Penh Crown Academy U-15s inflicted a massacre on the National Police U-15s in a league match. The final score was 40-0 after a half-time scoreline of 14-0. Literally a minute or so after each goal came another in the second half. Of course it was one-way traffic and Police never threatened the Crown goal throughout the ninety minutes, but credit both sets of youngsters for sticking at it. Crown for bashing in the goals and Police for staying on the pitch. Other teams might've walked off. Man of the moment was Suon Noeut, a defender turned striker who not only rattled in 18 goals in this one game but also provided no less than 9 assists so his teammates could score. That in anyone's book, is the game of a lifetime. He now has scored 53 goals himself in seven matches this season. Remarkable. However, good his scoring record is, there is no resting on laurels at Crown and here he is doing his bit in collecting empty water bottles after the match. Noeut is a quiet, down to earth young man and deserves his time in the spotlight.

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