Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fun in the sun

Everyone having fun at the football festival at Phnom Penh Crown - click to enlarge
Over 250 young children, boys and girls, had fun in the sun at the Equality In Sports Human Rights Day Football Festival yesterday at the home of Phnom Penh Crown. The kids came from four organisations such as New Day Cambodia as well as four communities such as Prek Pra, and as well as practicing their football skills and playing in friendly games, they also took part in talks on human rights. The community involvement isn't just great for the children, the club's professional players all play a part in coaching and encouraging the youngsters and you can see from the rivalry amongst the different coaches, that the players enjoy the day as well. Since the arrival of Sam Schweingruber at the club, this community involvement has expanded in leaps and bounds and with So Dany now on board as well, it will only get better. This is what a football club must do to become a real part of any community. And no-one is doing it better than Phnom Penh Crown.
The girls from New Day Cambodia and their coach, Touch Sokheng - click to enlarge

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