Friday, November 1, 2013

To Know Death

Prolific author, D W Brown will publish his sixth novel, To Know Death, in a few days time. This is what the author had to say about his latest novel, which is set in Cambodia. "During my early years in the military, I deployed to Cambodia and saw first-hand the atrocities there, which is the reason why I decided to write this novel. As a young soldier, we taught the Cambodian military how to operate heavy equipment in order to upgrade their dilapidated road network.  We visited the Killing Fields, as well as some of the museums that I reference in my novel. In To Know Death, a military team deploys to Cambodia to search for soldiers missing in action from the Vietnam War, where they unearth a mass grave-site containing over 300 hundred bodies.  Upon touching one of the bodies, Jason Taylor, the leader of the team and Munny Sum, the local Cambodian interpreter, both receive a jolt of electricity that sends them directly to the hospital, and gives them an unexpected ability." The author spent twenty years in the military and was deployed to Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Kwajalein Atoll, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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