Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Moments before

Team photo of the adventurers - click to enlarge
 A bunch of intrepid explorers moments before they launch themselves into the dense tropical rain forest. As if. More like a couple of quick team photos before we went for a short hike into the forest to visit some burial jar sites in the middle of the Southern Cardamom mountains. It was a very remote location, so we arrived by helicopter. It's about 2-days hike from any village, and the jars were only discovered in 2012, so they really are rarely-visited. They date from between the 14-17th centuries. Our socks are rolled up to ward off leeches. Horrible little blighters. I mean the leeches, not my fellow explorers.
Another team photo, I think we lost some of our team in the jungle - click to enlarge

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