Friday, November 22, 2013

Enjoyable story

The little theatre performance of Elephant Man at Java tonight was very truthful to the film version of the same story and the 5 British actors did a grand job in bringing it to life. Very impressed, as its always been one of my favourite stories. Basically 5 actors working in a space just a bit bigger than a postage stamp. The Shakespeare for Dummies was more comedy skit than theater. 1 guy having some fun with his knowledge of the Bard and testing the knowledge of the audience. Nevertheless, a very welcome evening's entertainment, hosted by Java.

If you don't know the Elephant Man story, its essentially the inspiring true life portrait of John Merrick. 1890. Set against the backdrop of a Victorian London and the serial murders of 'Jack The Ripper', John Merrick, suffering from a rare genetic disorder is exhibited as a monstrosity at Fairs and Circuses. Eventually rescued by the famous London surgeon Frederick Treves, he emerges as a loving, gentle and dignified human being. The theatre company who performed at Java are Performance Exchange, an independent theatre company touring thought provoking and innovative presentations to many remote destinations around the world. The company has toured to 37 countries and counting. The fine cast from London includes Robin Berry as John Merrick who has been recently starring in The National Theatre production of 'One Man Two Guvernors' at The Haymarket Theatre in London.

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