Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dance platform

Another Amrita contemporary dance show pulled in a full house at the Performing Arts theatre last night, to watch three separate performances from three very different choreographers. First up was Belle's Bach Cello Suite and with the lady herself joined on stage by three other female dancers it was her trademark flurry of activity, beautiful non-stop movement and strong women characters. The appearance of Yon Chantha is always a good sign, she is a superb dancer and has her own inimitable style, while Belle is a true one-off, a remarkable gift to the contemporary dance movement in Cambodia. Kao Sithy Nita and Khen Vanthy are two excellent new(ish) faces and performed admirably alongside two of my favourite dancers. Next up was Leak, aka Chy Ratana, who did a solo piece by Peter Chin called Ferocious Compassion. Leak is a sought-after dancer and actor and it's easy to see why, he showed fantastic fluidity and strength, in what is Chin's fifth collaboration with Amrita since 2006. The last part of the show was Nam Narim's project called Dream, with five dancers, four male and one female. Narim comes from a long family line of classical dancers but her current focus is very much on contemporary, both as a dancer and choreographer. This was the first contemporary dance platform from Amrita, showcasing works by Cambodians alongside international collaborations. The sold-out audience suggests the interest in contemporary works of this nature are more than a welcome addition to the city's arts.

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