Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sopheap goes solo so far

Sopheap tries her luck with a coconut - click to enlarge
Deep into the Cardamom wilderness, Wildlife Alliance have set up a wildlife rehabilitation station which they use as the final stop before animals are released back into the wild. Many of them have been confiscated from animal traders or from private homes and if they can be successfully reintegrated back into the wild, then that's WA's goal. The station is impossible to find, known only to a handful of locals and WA officers. It took us 45 minutes on the back of motorbikes to navigate the partially-flooded forest route to reach it. Another trip not for the faint-hearted but one I took in my stride after my previous temple-hunting adventures over many years. This sun bear at the station is Sopheap, a 2 year old who is waiting for a mate to arrive before both will be reintroduced into the wild. Previous releases of many animals have already proved to be a success at the station.

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