Monday, October 14, 2013

Laura's holiday in Cambodia

Back in June I posted the following: It appears that Australian authors have a soft spot for Cambodia. Unsung Heroes was written by three Aussie women, Philip Coggan is in town to publish his novel and now Melbourne-based Laura Jean McKay will see her short story collection, Holiday in Cambodia, out in print through Black Inc next month. An award-winning writer best known for smearing cat food all over herself on stage (she performs as well as writes), her collection of stories will include; three backpackers board a train, ignoring the danger signs – and find themselves in the hands of the Khmer Rouge, and a singer creates a sensation in swinging 1969, on the eve of an American bombing campaign. Bold and haunting stories by a remarkable new talent, says the PR from the publisher.
Well you can judge for yourself as Laura is in town and will be reading from her new book, with help from special guests Chanphal Sok and Chakriya Phou, at Monument Books in Phnom Penh on Saturday 19 October at 5.30pm. Get along to meet Laura, buy her book and be entertained.

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