Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kep day 2

Rumnea posing with the Kep statue
Blue skies turned cloudy and a calm sea was the start of the day and after a visit to the crab market for breakfast, we wandered around rather aimlessly and took a lunch break at Veranda. Our afternoon was a bit more energetic and we took to cycles for a potter around Kep's quiet-as-a-mouse backroads and former residential areas, on the hunt for more ruined villas. We weren't disappointed. There are stacks of them. It pissed down with rain for most of our cycle ride and the thunderstorm whipped up some big waves at the boat dock to Rabbit Island. The boat owners were having problems keeping their boats in check and the sea wall was taking a pounding as we headed back in time to catch Jean-Michel Filippi's lecture on the history of the Kampot region at Seaview Bungalows. It was a fascinating insight into the history of the area from a man who really knows his stuff.
Our first 1960s villa of the day on foot

On the jetty at the Sailing Club

The weather takes a turn but didn't stop these bathers

This looked more like a district office than a ruined villa

This 1960s villa was occupied

Later in the afternoon the seas battered the sea wall

A brief interlude in the weather

Another villa that has seen much better days

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Blogger Sue Guiney said...

A highlight of my first trip to Cambodia in 2007 was our time in Kep. I would have thought more would have changed by now, but I suppose not. Has all the development not reached that far south then?

October 8, 2013 at 3:13 PM  

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