Monday, September 9, 2013

Tenth anniversary

Founder Fred Frumberg (left) next to Belle at Java Cafe
Java Cafe was full of young dancers tonight, there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amrita Performing Arts with a photo exhibition and lots of birthday cake. Amrita have been involved in producing a variety of classical and modern performances, both in Cambodia and overseas for the past decade, though in recent years they have concentrated on contemporary dance. Founder Fred Frumberg gave some background on the company during a welcome speech and Belle, Cambodia's best known contemporary dancer, put into words, both English and Khmer, as to what dance and Amrita meant to her. Listening intently nearby were a host of young dancers, nearly all of whom are products of the classical training received at the Royal University of Fine Arts and who have expanded their repertoire with contemporary work under the umbrella of Amrita.

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