Monday, September 16, 2013

Smelling Rumduol

Former Cambodia resident Andy Hill has just published his first novel, The Scent of Rumduol. He wrote it during his years living here and was largely inspired by various events, stories, and experiences during that time. In his words; "It follows the intertwining story of four orphans over a seven year period, while reflecting some of the experiences, and exigencies, that all too many Cambodian children must face, and which you are more than aware of. While it is a tale of stolen childhoods, and not without tragedy, it is ultimately a story of hope and survival. I like to think it also invites us, as guests in that part of the world, to question our own actions and behaviors." The book is available on Amazon Kindle and other distributors. You can read more about the book, the author and more at scentofrumduol. The Rumduol flower is the national flower of Cambodia.

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