Monday, September 23, 2013

Posh nosh

Thoroughly enjoyed a slap-up posh nosh do at Restaurant Le Royal, at the Raffles tonight with some visiting journalists from the UK, our Raffles friends Gareth and Noemie and the original 1967 Jacqueline Kennedy heritage menu. I did not abuse my hosts kind offer of the sommelier’s wine pairing selections and stuck to still water all evening. The JK menu was an exact copy of the one the 1st Lady of the US enjoyed on her visit to Phnom Penh in the Sixties, and featured Crème de Volaille, Rissoles au Foie Gras, Salade de Jardin, Médaillon de Bœuf aux Champignons Sauvages and Crème Renversée a la Vanille. It's a tough life and someone's got to do it. Fabulous fare and all the trimmings by Raffles.

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