Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On the red carpet

Ros Mony (left) and Sang Malen before their departure for Venice
Today is a very special day for two young Cambodians. For Ros Mony and Sang Malen their normal world will be flipped upside down as they step onto the red carpet at the 70th Venice Film Festival in Italy for the premiere of their film Ruin. I've watched part of the film and its an uncompromising, dark and gritty tale, which the two actors filmed in two tranches of three weeks, a year apart, with the directors filming scenes almost at random and writing the script to a storyline that changed constantly as they went along.
The press release to accompany the film tells us more:
RUIN is an impressionistic fable - the story of Phirun (Ros Mony) and Sovanna (Malen) - two lovers inexplicably drawn together who escape a brutal and exploitative world of crime and violence in modern day Cambodia. Fleeing Phnom Penh after a murder, they travel deeper into the jungle. As their vulnerable love ebbs and flows along their journey, they wake from the trauma of their former lives and unleash a violent rage upon the world. Love and death intermingle as they travel deeper into the abyss - their world strangely transforming around the two young lovers on the run. Executive Producer of Ruin is Kulikar Sotho of Cambodia’s Hanuman Films. Ruin is its first co-production. Lead actor Ros Mony had a small role in Wish You Were Here, on which Cody worked as the line producer in Cambodia. Lead actress Malen is a circus contortionist discovered by the filmmakers in Phnom Penh. Amiel Courtin-Wilson said: “To be selected for the 70th Anniversary of the oldest film festival in the world is an absolute honour - especially with such an uncompromising film.” Michael Cody said: “It's an absolute delight to have Ruin selected for such a prestigious festival, and particularly exciting given that it's the first Khmer language film ever to screen at Venice.”
Postscript: You can see images of the two actors and the film's directors on the Venice red carpet at Gettyimages.

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