Tuesday, September 24, 2013

End of an era

Cafe Fresco staff on their penultimate day before closure - click to enlarge

End of an era as Cafe Fresco on Street 51 in BKK1 closes its doors tomorrow. I've been a regular for my early morning cafe latte and lunchtime grub for a few years and have always received a very warm welcome from everyone. I've seen countless staff come and go, some very lovely, warm, genuine people and I already miss them. We had a tearful farewell this morning and here's some of the Fresco staff pictured above, including some that rarely venture out of the kitchen. I wish all of them well in the future.
Siem Reap is beckoning tomorrow with the Phare circus on the agenda, along with ziplining at Flight of the Gibbon, a couple of nights in luxury at the Park Hyatt, a day of tour guide training and then back home for the weekend.



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