Friday, August 30, 2013

The Pulse story

A few snippets from a recent interview with David Hinds, the ever-present frontman for the reggae band Steel Pulse for the past 35 years. The interview was in the online magazine World-A-Reggae. David was asked about a new album. "Yes, we've been working on a new album for about 3 years now to be honest with you but like I said, tour commitments and such. We are also working on a documentary that will look at the entire 35 year career of this band. The hardest part is getting hold of people who helped shape the history of the band to tell their story for the film... This film you will see police and riots and punks, you know, we came from a concrete jungle. I think we should be ready by December... Our last album African Holocaust came out ten years ago. So its been ten years since we put out a proper studio album."
You toured with Bob Marley...what did you learn touring with Marley? "We learned it all. This man performed every show like it was his last.... Very disciplined. His energy and drive doing what he did was relentless... This is what we took home with us. A level of discipline that we never had before. I mean we had some, but learning from the master we stepped it up. It really had a profound effect on us as a band."
The documentary Steel Pulse - The Definitive Story should be out sometime soon, as well as that long-awaited studio album. I can't wait. You can read my own webpages on Steel Pulse here.

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