Thursday, August 8, 2013

Laura on a roll

Laura Tevary Mam - photo by Mark Sebastian
The Like Me's made a lot of friends when they literally took Cambodia by storm with their recreations of classic Khmer tunes and their youthful appeal, not to mention looking great on stage and showing real competence as musicians and performers. They have a large following in Cambodia, so it's likely the news that lead singer and songwriter Laura Tevary Mam is looking to record and release her debut solo EP will be met with excitement but also slight apprehension. Does this mean Laura will do both, continue to front the band as well as present herself as a solo artist? That question is yet to be answered. However, the positive news that the EP, Meet Me In The Rain, looks set to come to fruition sometime soon is very encouraging. She put out the feelers for funding for the EP on Kickstarter and in just seven hours reached her $3,000 target. The EP is a collection of her favorite songs that she's written in the last two years and will be recorded in both English and Khmer. With additional funding she can seek to organise some touring in both the US and Cambodia. Which would give her Cambodian fans another chance to see this talented musician in action, in the flesh. Let's hope that happens.

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