Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Briton murdered at S-21

Middle: The John Dewhirst picture on the wall at S-21 in 1997 - now its completely disappeared
On my most recent visit to Tuol Sleng/S-21, I read a few pages of John Dewhirst's biography/confession that he gave to his Khmer Rouge interrogators during his incarceration at S-21 in late 1978. I've never seen these before. Here are two copies of the first page, one in Khmer and one typed into English. I've also posted above a picture I took on a visit to Tuol Sleng in 1997, showing a bearded man in the middle of the three photos. That is John Dewhirst. That same picture has never resurfaced, disappearing in the S-21 ether. He was the only Englishman known to have been murdered at Tuol Sleng. You can read more about John Dewhirst at this link. And you can read the whole of John Dewhirst's confession in English amongst the court docuemnts at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal at
A hand-written version in Khmer of John Dewhirst's biography/confession 1st page - click to enlarge

The typed version in English of John Dewhirst's biography/confession - click to enlarge

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