Saturday, July 13, 2013

Who are you looking at?

Spotted in the unhappy football fan with a point to make. Pic courtesy of Ja Dina. Click to enlarge
It all went tits up at football this afternoon. Phnom Penh Crown were in the play-off semi-final, determined to get through to next week's final and win the domestic championship. Think again. We lost 4-3 to a team we trounced a couple of weeks ago and half the team didn't put in the performances we usually expect from them. Big crowd, big game, big disappointment. Whilst the crowd turned on the referee, the players know they didn't do themselves justice at the crucial time. The photo, by photographer Ja Dina, pretty much sums up my mood as the last few minutes ticked by on the clock. I wasn't a happy bunny and neither was Rumnea, but she can hide her emotions better than me.

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