Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soon showing

Rithy Panh's latest film, The Missing Picture, received critical acclaim at Cannes
Excellent news... the latest Rithy Panh film that won a host of plaudits and a prize at the recent Cannes film festival is coming to a screen near us. It's a small screen, at the Bophana Center on Street 200, but it will do nicely. In The Missing Picture, Panh pieces together his adolescence in a Khmer Rouge labour camp, through archives and reenactments using small clay figurines. With Randal Douc providing the voice-over and Sarith Mang the sculptor responsible for the clay statuettes, it promises to be a remarkable way of documenting his own story. Tickets are $5 each, screenings are at 6.30pm each day from 3-10 August. Definitely recommended.

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