Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good job Nick

Really, you want me to sign your book?
Ok, here goes, but won't it ruin the book?
Three contributors and the editor, Nick, Mariam and Steve, oh, and me
The crowd is forming, space at a premium
Side-on is never my best profile
Did it go as well as we hoped William?
Meet the star of the night, the book itself
Some of these photos, by Nick Sells (of Kampuchea Party Republic fame) haven't seen the light of day before, so here they are. It was a great night, at Monument Books, on 13 January 2011, my goodness was it that long ago, for the launch of To Cambodia With Love. Nick did a great job of capturing the moment and the pictures here, and another half a dozen that I've already posted, will remind me of a wonderful evening for a long time to come. Thanks to everyone who came to the book launch that night, especially Nick.

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