Monday, July 1, 2013

Editing room

The editing room wall, scene by scene
Editing of the movie The Last Reel is currently taking place in Phnom Penh but will soon switch to Australia as Katie Flaxman, who is responsible for editor duties working closely with film director Kulikar Sotho, is relocating to Sydney. Approximately 60 hours of film was shot in various locations around Cambodia including the capital, Siem Reap and Battambang and its the editors job to distil that down to a more manageable length of around two and a half hours before the final cut comes out at around 90 minutes. That final cut, once the director is happy with it, will be sent off for distribution at some of the key film festivals around the globe. As you must be aware by now, this movie is Kulikar's directorial debut, telling a Khmer story in Khmer and by Khmers. An international crew worked on producing the film under Kulikar's direction but all the actors and dialogue is in Cambodian. The story stretches across forty years from just before the Khmer Rouge period to modern day. To keep track of all the scenes, a makeshift storyboard was set up on the editing room wall by Katie, who is an experienced editor having worked in film, television, documentary, music videos and television commercials for over twelve years.
The Last Reel, broken down scene by scene on the editing room wall
Main actress Mary Neth in a motorbike scene from the film

Scene 16 shows Mary Neth and her screen mother, Dy Saveth

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